Protect Your Bicycle, Wrap it up, Then Rack  it up   

Protect your valuable components.  Bicycles parts and accessories cost a         

lot of money. And when you're transporting your bike on the road, its subjected to a great deal of abuse from the harsh elements and  pollution. 

Whether you're a serious cyclist who's always on the move between competitions, CUCKOO COVERS'® aerodynamic-tight look and fit is a result of rigorous road testing, offering maximum protection and reduced wind noise.  You want to protect your bicycle from close encounters with bugs and scratching.


CUCKOO COVERS® offers cyclist a radical NEW form-fitting design, like nothing on the market.  



The one-piece stretchable water resistant cover gives bicycles complete protection against:

 •  Dirt and grime    

 •  Rain, Bugs

 •  UV Sun rays                           

   Dust and debris, blown by wind

 •  Sand and stones, kicked up  

 •  Extreme weather conditions  

 •   Beach sand and salt

•   Road dirt, grease and oil                                                         

Stretchable fabric repels water and debris away from bicycle's component, while allowing crosswinds to flow around cover, when transporting Bike.

CUCKOO COVERS® patented zipper designs allows the cover fit all style vehicle carrier applications:        

* Fork-Mount racks

* Rear Hitch racks

* Roof-racks
* Hitch Fork-Mount rack                      

* Truck Bed-Mount rack

* Tandem Mount rack

* Wheel Holder rack                                                                   
* Upright Mount rack

 CUCKOO BIYCLE COVER's patented aerodynamic design to fit the high-end bicycle, while provding full protection when transporting bike on vehichle carrier rack. 

Cuckoo Covers ® have been rated to handle legal speed limit of 100km/h or 65 mph, for FORK-MOUNT roof rack applications.